Sunday, July 10, 2011

Work That Body Girl, You Look Gooooood!

As I was running my 12.5 mile run this morning a random guy says, 'Work that body girl, you look goooood'. Just cracked me up - first it's like 7:30 in the morning, second, I'm so far from looking good at this point. My clothes were SOAKED from the humidity to the point that I had to keep yanking my shorts to keep them in place since they were sticking to my legs. I have to say though, it did make me smile for a few blocks. 

Mon: 6mile run. 4th of July! Went to the Peachtree Road Race to see some of my teammates run. I didn't get in to the race, it looks cool though. It's got about 60K runners and is an Atlanta tradition for the 4th. I volunteered last year and thought about getting in it this year but I generally don't like huge races like this, too many people, too much traffic. This one ends by my house though so I think I'm going to do it next year.

Tue: 22 mile bike - threshold ride. Good ride, feeling strong this week coming off of recovery.

Wed: 3500M swim with the team. Bit the bullet and went to the evening swim to be with the team. I love swimming with everybody so it was great to be there. For this kind of distance it's just so nice to swim in a 50M pool too. It's a pain to do 3500 in 25m that's for sure. There's a huge temp change between my normal pool and the team swimming pool. It's so much colder swimming with the team, I always end up getting a foot cramp of some sort right when I get in. Had a coconut water right after swim and some greek yogurt when I got home. Trying to fuel better so I can recover by the early AM run. Got home about 10:05pm from the swim and have to leave at 4:45a thursday AM

Thu: 5.5 mile run. Having some really strong workouts this week, really excited about that. This was a fairly short run so just had some water during. Was listening to Kesha Blow on the drive in. Cheesy I know but for some reason it got me jazzed up to get going after such a small amount of sleep:

This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to-

Now what (What)
We're taking control
We get what we want
We do what you don't

Fri: 2700m swim. Tired but got it done. New suit seems to be better on the shoulder thankfully.

Sat: 70 mile Bike/2 Mile Run Brick. Coconut water, steel cut oats/granola/cranberries pre ride. Testing out EFS nutrition and did the electrolyte drink and the liquid shot during the ride. Felt really good the whole ride. I had a little cramping when I stopped but not riding so not a bad first test. This was obviously a long workout so I wouldn't say my stomach was perfect but it held up pretty well. Didn't eat or drink anything other than the EFS throughout the workout. A little spent for the run but it was blazing hot by then. 

Sun: 12.5 mile run. Got out around 6:40a to try to beat the heat. Ran from Midtown up Peachtree into Buckhead. Had a pretty good start out and ran into 2 of my teammates, Karen and Regina, running the opposite way. Stopped for a quick second and said hello, it was fun to see them out there. Pretty much ran the Peachtree Road Race course - up 6th to Peachtree and then straight up P'tree turned before Lenox and ran it back. Had to walk on some of the hills but ran Cardiac Hill on the way back. Saw Karen and Regina as I was running up it and that gave me a little boost. It's definitely a good workout running P'Tree. I usually run from our house around Piedmont, Monroe and the Park but this was better to just run a straight out and back vs. loops. I'm sure I'll be bored of it soon enough though. As you saw from my title and story, I had to laugh at the comment. I just said good morning to him after he said that and kept on runnin'. Never know where a response can get you some days so thought I'd tear off before he said something else. 

Til next week!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Are you walking Santa? C'mon, pick it up!

GA Peachy Runs

Walked down to the Peachtree Road Race 10K this morning to see some teammates running and ran into this GREAT EMS who was heckling the racers at the finish. One of the things he said is my title this week. A santa look a like was walking about 2 blocks from the finish and so he yelled at him, 'Are you walking Santa? C'mon, pick it up'! It was classic. Anybody that was walking that last 2 block section to the finish he would yell, 'Stop walking, you're 2 blocks from the finish!','Unless you've got a pacemaker, you have no excuse to walk right now this close to the finish','Stop walking, pick it up, it's 80% mental at this point'. Total entertainment value let me tell you. The number of people that started running after he'd guilt them into it was amazingly high.

Here's training for last week - recovery week:

Mon: 2900m swim. This workout was primarily a kick, pull, swim workout that I really enjoyed. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm really liking the kick pull swim repeats. I need to get a new suit though. I just bought one a couple of weeks ago and I think the strap is hitting my shoulder in a bad place that keeps making it click and hurt. Never had that until I switched suits so off to buy another new one.

Tue: 20 mile bike/2mile run. Pretty uneventful.

Wed: 2500m swim. Really like a speed workout, lots of distance with negative split then 100 fast. Took it out of me for sure. Neck sore from trying to keep my head pressed down. Focused on keeping my head very low in the water and only one eye coming out of the water when breathing.

Thu: 8 mile run. So far this week my workouts have been really strong. I've had a lot of recovery weeks that seemed really more difficult than they should've been but this recovery week has been great so far. Was listening to Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition for this run:

So stay there
Cause I'll be coming over
While our blood's still young
It's so young, it runs
We won't stop 'til it's over
Won't stop to surrender

Fri: 2200m swim. I'm trying to stretch after swimming now, haven't been doing that. Grabbed my IPOD and listened to Robert Plant Big Log for stretching today. Hadn't heard it in so long and it was AWESOME - totally relaxing:

My love is in league with the freeway
Its passion will ride as the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight
My love is the miles and the waiting
The eyes that just stare, and the glance at the clock
And the secret that burns, and the pain that won't stop
And it's fuelled once again
Leading me on - leading me down the road
Driving me on - driving me down the road

Sat: 50 mile bike. No formal team ride this weekend with the 4th of July holiday weekend but about 10 of us met up at the silver comet and had a nice ride. I'm looking at a new bike since mine is about 2 sizes too small. I'm waiting to hear from the bike shop about a LOOK 576 to make sure my dimensions look good for it. I'm really uncomfortable on my bike so can't wait for my new ride! Switching nutrition from Hammer to EFS since the last long ride we had my stomach was cramping and screwed up. No cramping with EFS but it was an easy 50 so the true test will be this coming weekend with 70+.

Sun: 2mile fast run. Was supposed to be a rest day but I got myself worked up about something and had to go out and run to clear my head. Working on picking up my feet and butt kicking more which definitely increases my pace but I'm having much harder runs cardiovascularly. I watched a lot of runners at the Peachtree today and the faster people were definitely kicking up towards their butts more. The slower the runners, the more the shuffle look. Very interesting. Don't think I can keep that kick up for 10+ miles though so maybe a kick shuffle until I get it together.

We're about halfway through training now. Hard to believe. Please consider helping me raise $10K for Leukemia and Lymphoma. I haven't had any donations in a month so if you're holding out to see if I'll make it, I've made it halfway!! Thanks for making your tax deductible donations and supporting our Teams efforts to raise $500K. We're at about $180,000 as a team so far I think. Have a safe holiday!