Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old Lady Spine and My Fav Documentaries

It was kind of a slow week in training. You know you're an old lady when you pull your back doing a plank and then can't work out for a few days from pain. I got in a good swim Monday, did a ride/run brick Tuesday and ran, lifted Wednesday which was when I tweaked something. Coached Wednesday night swim with some pain and then nothing until my ride Saturday with the team. I didn't do too much on the bike with miles or speed, just tried to circulate throughout the team and make sure everybody was feeling good. Such strong athletes, they're doing so well! Love, love, love to see them growing in their confidence on their workouts. GO TEAM!

I've been able to catch some documentaries now that my Ironman training has ended and left me with some actual free time. One thing to know about me is I absolutely love documentaries. I thought I'd put some of my favorites in here so if you've got some time, you can check them out. Most are on Netflix so they're free if you've got an account, woohoo!
Hope you see some that may interest you. Next week I'll put in some books that are pretty incredible on food, running and triathlon. 

I'm at 3 weeks of being 'Plant Strong' and feeling great! It hasn't been easy, but it's been a great adventure so far. I had Broadway Cafe and Green Sprout again this past week. We had a family breakthrough when IronSherpa asked for Green Sprout on Friday night. Couldn't believe my husband asked for vegetarian, pretty cool I must say.

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