Sunday, April 8, 2012

Synchronicity and the 3 Second Shoe Tie

- The Police Synchronicity I

Not only on my playlist but also a fairly good description of my week. This week was pretty well lined up with getting my workouts in and getting work done. Had a fairly low stress week at work which was a complete switch from how the year has been so far. A little breathing room is a good thing. Workouts went well - just had to adjust a little given IronSherpa had some work commitments which then impacted my workouts. He's going to be traveling this week so my week should be sufficiently thrown in a blender and chopped up. 

This work thing is really getting in the way of my workouts and exploration of vegan cooking. I keep waiting for the day that one of these awesome triathlon gear companies calls and offers me the mid 40s, mom, middle of the pack triathlete sponsorship. IronSherpa can quit his job and just follow me around with my favorite music pumping out of his car, wheels on the back in case I flat out while I ride at my blistering 17-18 mph pace, mini me can set up a hydration table for me on my runs. I'll do my open water swims while mini me and IronSherpa play on the beach or ride next to me on a kayak. Okay, back to reality.

Here's how last week shook out on workouts:
Monday: run 3 miles, lift 20 minutes
Tuesday: Ride 60, run 2
Wednesday: Swim 1800
Thursday: off
Friday: Run 3, lift 30
Saturday: Helped lead a run clinic at Piedmont Park for the team. Very fun - did a quick lecture, learned that my Newly Appointed "Niece" (to be called NAN from now on) can not only drink on the bike now, but she can also tie her shoe laces in about 3 seconds. Check out Nan's video below and make sure you tip her on her fundraising page for the invaluable lesson she provides. Could save you some time on your T2, minimally it'll give you a laugh:

How to tie your shoe lace in 3 seconds without elastic laces and lace locks. 

Team then hit the drills with some dynamic stretches, stride counting and breathing patterns. Breakfast with the team afterwards. Always a fun time and crazy. It's amazing how running/triathlon draws such a funny group of people. Not funny in a strange way but funny in a borderline inappropriate, improv way. It's a good thing, you spend so much time together that there better be some comic relief.

 Coach Jo leading the Team through Dynamic Stretching

Got home and took Brooke back to Piedmont Park after our Team breakfast and played, played, played. The park was packed - we played soccer, did the swing sets, slides, etc. It's amazing to me how many parents just chill out and never play or interact with their kids. I sit on the bench now and again too but it's definitely not for the entire time that mini me is playing. We walked back home and had a great night going to see "Mirror Mirror", the Snow White movie with Julia Roberts at Atlantic Station. Good times!

Sunday: Run 4. So beautiful out with the weather a little cooler. I've had about 2 weeks in my new KSwiss K-Ona R shoes and they've been working pretty well. Very light, just haven't decided if they're too light though. The pollen got to me by the end of the run but still managed to get a good four in and then take Brooke back to the Park again after we did some Easter Egg hunting. The rest of the day I spent cooking and baking. Made Tofu scramble with red peppers, spinach and green onions and had a chia fresca. Had Ezekiel bread, hummus and the rest of the red peppers, spinach and green onions and smashed it in the panini press for lunch. Made banana and blueberry bread, pita chips and cookies in the afternoon. Dinner was veggie tacos with veggie grounds, baby spinach, tomatoes, rice, black beans and hot sauce. Below is a bit from my week:

 Banana Blueberry Bread                    Tofu Scramble
 Stir Fry Veggies and Brown Rice                   Cookies!

This week may be a little challenging. Some work constraints, IronSherpa traveling. Going to give it my best shot at getting all of my workouts in, we'll see how it goes!

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